Why a Women’s Freemasonry ?
Our answer to this basic question is clear, straightforward, and simple.

Women have in them a life force that they wish to share.

Community life has always been a priority for women, even when they had to keep silent !
There are ways of reflecting, thinking, acting, being, that are uniquely feminine and which we believe are expressed differently when among women.

Women today have acquired fundamental rights, but we aren’t fooling ourselves ! There are many women everywhere who must still keep silent … who must hide themselves.

Proof, if need be, that the job is far from over and that there is much to do for Freemasonry to contribute effectively in the future so that humanism and respect prevail on earth.

Freemasonry is an initiatory society. Its structure and function are transmitted in a traditional way and are designed for the intellectual and spiritual improvement of its members and their influence in the world.

The Grande Loge Féminine de Belgique - Vrouwengrootloge van België (G.L.F.B. - V.G.L.B.) 
is a Federation of Lodges working the first three
degrees of symbolic Masonry.

Any woman can join our association who :

  • is at least age 25 ;
  • enjoys the full rights of citizenship ;
  • subscribes to the Masonic ideal summarized in the motto : Liberty – Equality – Fraternity ;
  • receives the approval of the Lodge to which her application is submitted.


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Women\'s freemasonry