The Grande Loge Fémine de Belgique - Vrouwengrootloge van België affirms its commitment to the essential and timeless principles of Freemasonry, in particular those defined in Anderson’s Constitutions of 1723.

That goes especially for the principle under which Freemasonry is an order composed of free and honest individuals, gathered in duly constituted Lodges, striving to realize the Center of Union.

The Women's Grand Lodge of Belgium is based on the humanist values of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is considered to be one of the legacies of the history of Freemasonry.

It promotes universal fraternity founded on tolerance and mutual respect, complete freedom of thought, and rejects any type of discrimination.

We are :

  • An initiative and traditional society.
  • An association of women that does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, color, religion or belief, opinion, wealth, rank or social standing, exercising unconditional Fraternity.
  • A group of Lodges governed by the principles of mutual tolerance, respect for others and oneself, complete freedom of thought, accepting no restriction and imposing no limit on the constant search for Truth and Justice.

We are not :

  • A service club, even though we undertake philanthropic activities.
  • A therapeutic group.
  • Sectarian or dogmatic women.
  • A political or for-profit organization.

Our goals are :

  • To assist women to know themselves better, to appreciate their value, to accompany them on their journey to greater well-being, toward their self-knowledge and their potential.
  • To encourage women to participate in building a human society that is free and responsible, with no utopian thinking, taking into account the realities of our world and the weaknesses inherent in the people that make up our society.

Our methods :

  • Observance of ritual.
  • Study of symbols.
  • Philosophical and spiritual reflection.
  • Active listening.
  • Absence of prejudices and dogmas.
  • Practice of solidarity and fraternal love.
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