Women's Freemasonry




The Grande Loge Féminine de Belgique – Vrouwengrootloge van België is a Federation of autonomous and sovereign Lodges. It is formed as a Belgian nonprofit organization (ASBL-VZW). It is managed by a Federal Council consisting of 12 Federal Councilors elected for three years.
The Federal Council constitutes the executive power (in a way, the nonprofit’s board of directors) and is chaired by the Grand Master.

Similar to any Belgian nonprofit, the General Assembly, which is composed of 3 Representatives per Lodge, holds the legislative power, as well as all the prerogatives granted by law to this type of body.
Two General Assemblies are held each year.
Advisory Commissions composed of delegates of all the Lodges examine questions submitted by the Lodges or by the Federal Council, according to their particular area of responsibility (General Rules, Finance Control, History, Communication, Rituals).

The Lodges, composed of Women Freemasons, are led by a Board of Officers presided over by a Worshipful Master.

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