In response to the tragic events that took place in Paris on January 7, 2015, 4 Belgian Obediences issued a joined press release.

After fruitful exchanges, a common press release was written by the membres of the Council of CLIMAF : "Invited by the Center of International Liaison of Women's masonry, under the aegis of de Women's Grande Lodge of Portigal (WGLP), 240 women coming from different countries met in Lisbon on June 7th 2014 and exchanged on the theme of secularism.
They insist on reaffirming the universal value of liberty of conscience and equality on which they are working. They assert the necessity of inscribing the principle of secularism in the European Constitution. This principle sets down the freedom to believe or not to beliveve, ti have or not to have a religion or to change religion. They conclude tha Europe and its member states have to ensure their mission in matter of education, health and social action without any dogma".

Spanish justice minister resigns after failure of abortion law ...

* Manifest from the Grande Loge Féminine de Belgique - Vrouwengrootloge van België (GLFB-VGLB) for the withdrawal and/or against the adoption of Gallardón's bill on volunteer interruption of pregnancy

* Manifesto de la Gran Logia Femenina de Bélgica (GLFB-VGLB) para la retirada v/o contra la adopción del projecto de ley Gallardón sobre el aborto

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