Freemasons use specific words and expressions.

Here are a few of them


Adoptive Lodge
In the beginning, women’s Freemasonry consisted exclusively of Adoptive Lodges. In other words, they were placed under the protection (even the authority and management) of the men’s Lodges and had to bear the same distinctive title or name.

Board of Officers
A Masonic Lodge is presided over by a Worshipful Master, who is assisted by a Board of Officers. The number and quality of these Officers vary according to the rites.

Center of Union
The aspiration of Freemasonry is to unite all human beings through fraternity, over and above any differences in birth, color, religion, opinion, culture …

Or Grades. These are the levels which Freemasons attain during initiatory ritual ceremonies and which indicate their progress within the Masonic Order.
This word also refers to the steps which decorate the Temples. Thus, we talk about the Degrees of the Temple.

Federal Council
Executive power of the Women’s Grand Lodge of Belgium.

Federal Councilors
The Federal Council of the Women’s Grand Lodge of Belgium consists of 12 Federal Councilors who have the same duties as the Officers of a Lodge and together form the executive power of the Obedience.

Lodges are grouped in Federations of Lodges called Obediences. There must be at least 3 Lodges to form an Obedience.

Grand Architect of the Universe
Key symbol of Freemasonry, the interpretation of which is left to freedom of thought. According to  personal convictions, it will represent : the symbol of the supreme being ; the organizer of the Universe ; God ; the creator in whatever form and by whatever name one might specify ; the supreme intelligence ; soul and driving force of the world ; humanity’s collective consciousness ; the organizing principle behind all life ; energy ; chance or necessity and the list is not exhaustive.

Grand Master
President of the Federal Council of the Grande Loge Féminine de Belgique - Vrouwengrootloge van België. She is elected for one year, and her term may be renewed twice. The Grand Master is in charge of the general management of the Obedience.

A courant of thought that places the human being and human values above all else. Freemasonry is a universal movement with objectives of an ethical, democratic and humanist nature, working for the improvement of Humanity and society, with ideals of fraternity and solidarity.

Ceremony through which a person joins a new group. Belonging to this group is defined by sharing of a common knowledge.

Relating to initiation.

Place ritually arranged where Freemasons meet. Also called Temple. Lodge also has another meaning: it is all the Masons composing a workplace.

Group of Masonic Lodges. See also Federation.

Order or « Masonic Order »
This term refers to the whole of Freemasonry all over the world. It is universal, its origins are unknown, and its workings both initiatory and traditional. The Masonic Order is different from the Obediences, which are groups or Federations of Lodges.
The « sign of order » refers to a position that the Mason is called on to take at certain times during the ritual ceremonies.

Represent their Lodge at the General Assemblies of the Obedience. Three representatives (Including the Worshipful Master) are elected annually to present the votes and opinion of their Lodge.

All the rules and scheduling of work in the Lodge. The historian Ragon listed 52 different rites.

Symbols – Symbolism
Signs, objects or living beings that bring to mind a concept, a common past experience. Certain symbols are universal in both time and space (the moon, sun, air, earth, water, fire…), others are specific to a group, an era. There are two categories of Masonic symbols. Some are fundamental and others come from the tradition of the master-builders.
For Freemasons, the study of symbols and symbolism represents the starting point for self-knowledge. Symbols act at both the conscious and unconscious levels.

Place where Masonic ritual ceremonies are held, that is, the headquarters of the Lodge.

Three Great Lights
Three symbols on which the works of the Lodge are based. They are located in the middle of the Temple, on the altar where the oaths are taken.

In accordance with the Masonic Tradition. Refers to the manner in which the values, rules, rights, and duties inherited from the past are transmitted.

A basic Masonic group. Freemasons gather in workplaces. Each workplace has a distinctive name or title. Workplaces working the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degrees are called blue workplaces and take the name of Lodges.

Worshipful Master
Name given to the president of a workplace, i.e. the first Officer of the Lodge. She is elected for one year and may be reelected twice.

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