The tradition of the free masons (men and women) consists of several "initiations" following different steps. An initiation is a rite of passage which indicates the entry to a new "universe".

The work in a lodge is based on several elements: the personal discovery and study of "symbols" because symbols open to thought associations; moreover, the study of symbols is the privileged way to grasp the substance of freemasonry along with the knowledge of oneself. This does not rule out philosophical research and reflection on society. It is the visible reality opening to the invisible.

As for the rest, you need to experience it !

The objective of freemasonry is a personal, ethical and spiritual improvement without being religious.

GLFB-VGLB asserts its feminine masonic identity, its commitment and responsibility as regard all the reflections and actions promoting women’s liberation, recognition and respect of their rights, defending their physical and moral integrity, asserting their dignity and liberty.

Its motto is Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

Women Free masons share their dreams of freedom, for them and for everybody; freedom that indicates autonomy, freedom of thoughts and liberty to express them; freedom we can claim on walls and in the street; liberty to set oneself free from "doctrinaire approach" ; freedom meaning being responsible.

Women free masons gather women of all origins with none debarred. They live their principles inside free mason circles as well as outside.

United by their ideals and initiation, free masons then gather all the "I" to build a "WE". Their fraternity is a life choice.

But, after all these serious considerations, we can assure you that women free masons also maintain a sense of humor to distance and keep their freedom of thinking.

The work is huge and the more we will be, united and supportive, the more it will progress.

Approach and values